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March 12, 2012 Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you know from checking our class website, we have been learning about the ancient people in America (The First Americans). They slowly moved throughout the Americas and settled in different regions, developing many different ways of life. This year, our only “home” project will be in social studies.

You can help your child “choose” a Native American people to write about and make a small village which represents the tribe or people they chose for the project. As you will see in their textbooks, (pages 70 – 90), we are reading about many Native American villages/people based upon the region in which they settled: the Desert Southwest, the Northwest Coast and Arctic, the Plains, and the Eastern Woodlands.

Your child will need to do the following for his/her project:

1. Choose a Native American people/tribe you want to do your project on.

2. Create/Construct a village that represents these people. The village must include a dwelling (house type: Tepee, wigwam, pueblo, etc.), resource(s), Native Americans, animals, and whatever else you want to add.

Example: If you choose “The Plains” Native Americans, your village might look like this: On a piece of cardboard or foam board (about 12in. x 12in.), you can use toothpicks, popsicle sticks, or small real sticks to construct a tepee with construction paper or real cloth of some kind, buffalo, earth lodges (can make them with real pieces of sod from your backyard), small crop of corn, Native Americans, and buffalo.

Ideas: Make animals and/or Native Americans out of clay, print pictures from your computer, use Lego people, or action figures etc. and use tape, toothpicks, or glue to attach them to your board. Make your mini Native American village as “realistic” as possible and make sure that it “matches” the Native American people that you choose. And, have FUN making it!

Possible materials to use for the project: real soil, cloth, construction paper, toothpicks, Popsicle sticks, small wood chips, real grass, toilet paper roll (totem pole), etc. Be creative, and please HAVE FUN making your village!

3. LABEL your village with a Title (name of the village or region – example, “The Arctic Inuit People” or “The Pawnees of the Plains.” Feel free to label anything else on your project as well.

4. COMPLETE the attached “Native American Project” sheet which will be the biggest part of your project grade. This is the main “content” portion of the project.

5. TURN IN your project by the due date: April 18, 2012 – NO SOONER! We don’t want to risk accidental damaging of your projects.

I’m including a scoring rubric below so that you can see how your child will be scored for this project. Note that the greatest emphasis will be on the “content” page and note the creation of the art project. Only 5 points represent the “art project” portion, and the rest of the points are for “content” – the Native American Project sheet.

Project Component Possible Points
Content Sheet – Name and description of Native American tribe/village 5
Content Sheet – Detailed description of the shelter/dwellings they lived in 5
Content Sheet – Detailed description of the main resource(s) they used in their village. Example: buffalo, fish, plants. Etc. 5
Content Sheet – Description of hunting or other skills in the village. 5
Content Sheet – Interesting Fact you learned about these people. 5
Art Project 5
Total possible points = 30 So, if your child scores a 25, his/her grade will be 25/30 = 83% B.

Note: Use textbook pages 70-90 for detailed information. Be sure to “rephrase” information taken from your textbook.

TITLE/NAME OF VILLAGE OR NATIVE AMERICAN PEOPLE (Be sure to include the “region” they are from: Desert Southwest, the Plains, etc.) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

SHELTER/DWELLINGS (Describe in detail the dwellings they lived in, how they made them, what they were made of, etc.) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

RESOURCES (Describe in detail any resources they used – plants, animals, etc.) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

HUNTING, FARMING, OR CRAFT SKILLS (Describe in detail hunting, farming, or craft skills.) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

INTERESTING FACT LEARNED (Describe any fact that you found to be very interesting about these people) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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